Measurable Outcomes

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has instituted a rigorous assessment process known as PART that analyzes management and outcomes from programs receiving federal money. Only 18% of the 1,004 programs evaluated have been declared “effective”. The Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs is among that distinguished group. VCRHYP programs deliver critical safety nets to at-risk youth while providing the State of Vermont and taxpayers with an effective, efficient, & economical alternative.

The following data represents results for fiscal year 2015:

VCRHYP programs provided 648 Vermont youth with 19,411 nights of shelter, food, counseling, and supports. 

The average cost of youth receiving services from VCRHYP programs is $4,455 per year. 

By contrast, the average cost of foster care is about $8,392 per year and the average cost of out-of-home placement (residential treatment, and other types of residential care) is over $40,000 per year and a juvenile in detention is $28,457 per year.

In addition to doing right for our youth, VCRHYP saves Vermont money. 

In fiscal year 2015, Youth Care Workers played an instrumental role in helping youth connect with a medical home:

• 65% of youth had a dentist at intake, 72% were connected to dental care at completion of services.

81% of youth had a primary care physician at intake, 89% had a primary care physician at exit.

89% of youth served had medical insurance at time of intake, 96% of youth left VCRHYP programs with medical insurance.


In FY 15, 537 youth were diverted from a course leading to child welfare or juvenile justice systems of care. As a result, VCRHYP saved the State of Vermont at least 2.1 million dollars.