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Measurable Outcomes

VCRHYP strives to measure both how much, and how well the Coalition and member agencies provide services to youth and families. We assess outcomes in four key areas:

Safety: Agencies work to ensure that youth have a sense of physical and mental safety, and that they are supported and protected from violence, abuse, harassment and fear.

Well-Being: Youth have stable living arrangements, enriching educational experiences, access to healthcare and mental health supports.

Permanent Connections: Young people have solid, supportive relationships with friends; family (biological or choice); mentors and other significant people whom can help them accomplish their goals and overcome challenges.

Self-Sufficiency: Agencies build basic life skill development into our work with youth so they can care for themselves and have the foundation to build a stable and independent life on.

In fiscal year 2016:

Check out our FY16 Annual Report for more information!

You can also view our FY15 Annual Report.

In addition to the above measures, VCRHYP works to define what success looks like at the coalition level. 

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has instituted a rigorous assessment process known as the Program Assessment Rating Tool  (PART) that analyzes management and outcomes from programs receiving federal money.  Only 18% of the 1,004 programs evaluated have been declared “effective.” The Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs is among that distinguished group.  VCRHYP member agencies deliver critical safety nets to at-risk youth while providing the State of Vermont and taxpayers with an effective, efficient, and economical alternative to the foster care and juvenile justice systems.