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Rolling Out a New Framework for Serving Youth in Vermont

Rolling Out a New Framework for Serving Youth in Vermont

Sep 20, 2016
Our goal at VCRHYP is to ensure that adolescent aged youth in Vermont have access to the supports and resources they need to for healthy development and wellbeing.  When we envision creating a statewide…


Oct 01, 2015
The VCRHYP Coalition staff provide key supports that free member agencies to focus on the work of delivering essential programs serving Vermont youth and families. VCRHYP secures adequate funding that…


Sep 22, 2016
“All of my struggles and hardships I have dealt with in my life has made me become the best mom I can be for my son.”

For Youth

Oct 01, 2015
VCRHYP member agencies support young people who have runaway, are thinking about running away, are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of becoming homeless by: Providing 24/7 access to crisis…


Oct 01, 2015
Our Coalition Commitment: Our goal is to ensure that youth have access to the support services they need to be safe and stable. To accomplish this, the Coalition works to: Ensure continued funding…


Sep 22, 2016
“I dream of making the best change possible of and for youth.”

For Families

Oct 01, 2015
VCRHYP member agencies support families by: Offering family mediation Affording family respite and safe temporary living situations for youth Providing parenting education Running family support…


Oct 01, 2015
In partnership with photographer & ethnographer Ned Castle and the Vermont Folklife Center The HIGHLOW Project is a collection of photographs and audio narrations that capture high and low moments from…


Sep 22, 2016
“I helped make the boards with my foster dad.”