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Welcome VCRHYP's new Data Entry Clerk, Courtney Fulmer!

December 12, 2016
Welcome VCRHYP's new Data Entry Clerk, Courtney Fulmer!

VCRHYP has finally added our fifth team member!   Please help us welcome Courtney Fulmer to the Coalition's central office.  Courtney joins us in a brand new role, Centralized Data Entry Clerk.  

A few months ago,  RHY programs around the country were directed to start using the national HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) coordinated by HUD to track demographic and service utilization data on the people we serve.  Each of our member agencies had been entering their own information into an existing statewide database, so when we integrated into HMIS we continued to have member agencies entering their own data. The new system was more complex than what we had been using, and though we were excited about what we would get out of it, the intricacy of the system was taking time away from direct service provision at member sites.   When we saw that happening, VCRHYP decided to move to centralized data entry into the HMIS system, with each of our member agencies sending their information to the coalition office for HMIS entry.  This move will alleviate the pressures our agencies were feeling and increase our access to reliable, high quality data. 

Courtney is our brave initiator of this role.  She comes with a strong background in data entry and protocol development and we look forward to working with her as we move from the pilot phase into practice. 

Three fun facts about Courtney:   She is trained as a classical vocal major, she is "extremely" Pennsylvania Dutch, she loves baking bread from scratch. 

You can reach Courtney at cfulmer@vcrhyp.org